Whole 30, Day 2

I woke up this morning, fully prepared to face what was sure to be a terrible headache and massive food cravings after denying myself the staples that make up much of my regular diet. The program warned that the second and third days were likely to bring some withdrawal issues as the body learns to deal without the normal nutrition it receives.

Nothing. Clear mind. As clear as it could be with my allergies or cold or whatever it is that hit me before the year ended. But I had none of the serious problems that I thought I would have. Not even the cravings. Sure, I see off-limit items still in the house (the entire house is not Whole 30) but I don’t mindlessly reach for them as I pass by.

Mindlessly is actually a dangerous word here. I consciously would say to myself, “Hey, self, I’m sure that tastes good. Put it in your mouth and confirm my hypothesis.” And by my mind’s crude attempt at the scientific method I would verify, bit by bit, that the gingerbread house on the counter is, in fact, tasty. And it continued to be tasty every hour. I still pass by the remnants of that rubble pile that was once a sugary edifice, but I don’t have the same desire to just reach out and shove a piece of it in my face. This isn’t a result of the program.

I learned to say no. At least I hope I’ve learned to say no.

Sure, the program is about making smarter choices on food, and in doing so, denying yourself those things you used to eat, you preferred to eat, you really looked forward to eating. But I’ve barely been on Whole 30 long enough for this to be a learned habit. I just had to stop giving in to my terrible impulses.

It’s not difficult. I won’t kid myself and say that at some point I won’t struggle with wanting to eat something, but food can’t have that kind of control over me to make me feel I need to have some treat immediately simply because I think I need it, or just because it’s accessible.

I can do this. Anyone who wants to do this can do this. Just say yes to saying no.

Day 2 Menu

Breakfast – Salsa Scrambled Eggs with Bell Pepper and Mushrooms

Salsa Scrambled Eggs

Lunch – Lemon Pepper Chicken

Lemon Pepper Chicken

Dinner – Apple Sage Turkey Chili

Apple Sage Turkey Chili

Happy Fooding!

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