Things I’ve Learned on Whole 30.

Things I’ve learned on Whole 30

  1. There are never enough tomatoes in the house.
  2. Cinnamon is used in normal cooking far too little.
  3. In spite of number two, or perhaps in acknowledgement of this fact, I had 3 nearly full bottles of ground cinnamon in my pantry.
  4. Just because a variety of a particular sauce does not include sugar that does not mean that the original version of that sauce is also free of sugar.
  5. Eating out is extremely difficult. It’s almost off-putting to even attempt to keep Whole 30 when going out without just having a salad.
  6. The most casual acquaintances can be extremely supportive when they see someone else working toward their fitness goals. Faith in humanity restored.
  7. Any dish that uses potatoes is made several times better with the substitution of sweet potatoes.
  8. I feel like I’ve eaten more eggs in the last month than I did last year.
  9. Leeks are fabulous.
  10. How to ignore flashy words on packaging like “All Natural,” “Cage Free,” and “100%” and just read the ingredient list.
  11. How to poach an egg properly.
  12. Actually poaching said egg properly.
  13. That food had a ton of control over me, and nothing good could come from anything having control over me.
  14. That I can change my life.

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