Halfway Through February

Two weeks ago I ended a journey that truly transformed my life. I started a path toward being a healthier human being and now, two weeks later, the results are still showing. I haven’t lost any more weight, but I haven’t gained it all back as I thought I might. I’ve changed myself, how I act about a lot of things and how I live my life. I’m not Whole 30 every day, but I am most of the week. I’ve found I actually prefer having meals the way I had become accustomed to making them in Janaury. And while every now and then I have a craving for something sweet and I just let myself have it, I’m done once I’ve sated my desire.

I should have done this years ago.

The next journey begins now. Becoming more active. I spent a good amount of time walking around today, just walking. It has been a while since I’ve just been out and walked about. I still don’t know how I’m going to work it in to my daily routine but something is going to have to give so I can focus a little time during my day toward increasing my activity level.

Here’s to my new program. Here’s to a Fit 30 life.