Brave New Moose

It is a new year and with it come new hopes and dreams, new aspirations, new adventures and new possibilities.

Or something like that.

I’m bad at resolutions. I’ve made some interesting ones in the past but I lack the *shock* resolve to keep up with them. Like so many other people, exercise schedules are cast aside, plans are put off, promises are broken or forgotten… and who can blame anyone for not fulfilling a half-baked intention that was likely dreamt up after finishing a bottle of prosecco and a few beers? Lesser men would give up and resolve to never make a new year’s resolution again.

I might be a lesser man.

The problem with New Year’s Resolutions is that they are driven by some necessity to follow along with tradition to fit in with the spirit of the season. But why try to commit to a major decision without any real thought, planning, or the proper desire to follow-through with a goal? At best, you never intended to do anything and have wasted a few words. At worst, you let yourself down because you failed to really prepare for your good idea.

I’m no longer making New Year’s Resolutions. I will not start off a year with the insane prospect of getting into amazing shape in a ridiculously short period of time. I will not kid myself into thinking that I will work up to running 6 miles a day every day by the summer. I couldn’t possibly lead myself to believe that I’ll become more organized, neat, clean and clutter-free.

I certainly couldn’t expect myself to meet any of these goals simply because I just traveled another 384 millimon miles around the Sun. I am in roughly the same physical place I was last year (in relation to the Sun, at least) after this grand journey around a glowing nuclear fission reaction that is the sole reason we have enough warmth to survive and keeps our tiny blue marble from careening endlessly out into space. What significance could this possibly have on my personal goals?

This doesn’t mean that I don’t have personal goals. I have tons. And I expect to meet them when I set them. I have but one resolution to make. That I am making it on the first of January is merely coincidence.

I resolve to be a better person. To make each day better than the last and to be proud of the life I am living. After this, everything else will follow suit.

Welcome to my blog. It’s going to be an interesting life.